twitter updates for 2008-04-17

  • There were 12 senior citizen ladies dancing to Missy Elliott on the court. I can’t explain how awesome is was! #
  • The Wolves just had to take a timeout because Turbo couldn’t get his contact back in. Dork. #
  • Ryan Gomes threw me a ball! #
  • In my passenger seat: an Al Jefferson bank, a Ryan Gomes autographed ball, & 8 rolls of toilet paper. #
  • Two interviews today; 8 total this week. Let’s just hire me, so I can twitter about other things. #
  • I’m at 3M. I want some free damn post-it notes. And whatever else they make. #
  • @suzi109 I dunno! This is the stupid crappy temp job, so I probably won’t be allowed! #
  • "bright & articulate" and "good salesperson"? Well, let’s just hire me then, pal! #
  • Also, Recruiter #2 might be my favorite. Just for business purposes, of course. #

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One Comment

  1. Someday maybe I’ll be one of those senior citizens dancing! I’ve heard tales about such things, but haven’t gotten to see any myself just yet. Did you get any photos?

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