oh, to be a team roper

I read some more of the internet today. I think I’ll have read the whole thing by the time I’m employed again. Today’s topic? Rodeos! And more specifically, the National Finals Rodeo that’s held in Vegas every year. I think I actually wrote about the same topic sometime last year, which is what prompted me to read some more about this fine farm animal roping/riding event.

The rodeo itself is held on the UNLV campus, in the same building where the basketball team places. In my hometown, they used to do this, too. Rodeo one day, high school basketball finals the next – nothing says delicious like a poorly ventilated building combining the smell of bull doo doo and sweaty high school boys.

The NFR is supposedly the “super bowl of rodeos” and while I don’t fall over myself trying to make it to a rodeo, I wouldn’t mind going to something of this caliber. Plus, you know, it’s Vegas.

Arm me with some National Final Rodeo tickets and a pocket full of cash (preferrably out of someone else’s checking account), and I will gladly head out west for a few days in December and let you all know how it turns out. Combining bareback riding with slot machines and the occasional prostitute advertisement on the side of the road sounds like a pretty good vacation to me.

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  1. Regina

    It sounds like a plan, except I can’t stay awake late enough to enjoy the nightlife. So I’d be a bore. But at least you’d get to split the price of the room with someone. Maybe we could get a private poker room, cause you KNOW how good I am at poker.

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