now walk it by yourself

It’s no secret. I like to dance. A lot. And while it may not be even remotely close to “Dancing with the Stars” type material most of the time, you should probably find me doing the Cupid Shuffle sometime. That’s when I shine, my friends, in line dancing. Albeit hip hop line dancing… but still.

There’s only one thing that I think could take my dancing experience to the next level: Dance Clothes. Granted most of my dancing takes place in establishments that wearing a tutu or a unitard would get a very fruity drink thrown at me, including the glass. Sure, it’s perfectly acceptable for fellas to be dressed in evening gowns and have makeup enhanced cleavage (I don’t know how they do it either!), but if a lovely lady such as myself walked in with wearing a leotard, I’d probably get myself laughed (or beaten) right on out to Hennepin Avenue.

I guess I’ll never be a professional dancer!


  1. Regina

    I need to get one of those rhinestone crosses. Or maybe a couple, and I’ll decorate my clerical robe for church and other select garments.

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