so thanks!

I’ve found that an integral role in the whole interview process is not forgetting to send thank you notes. I do it via email. That may be ill-advised. But I also know that I’ve had the same Netflix movies in my possession since January, so clearly I don’t make it to the post office all that often.

The internet, as well as some of my homies that have experience in this whole hiring and interviewing process, stresses the importance of Thank you Cards after interviewing. While I really am appreciative of the time most people have taken to interview me, I keep reminding myself that I don’t even send thank you cards for birthday presents. I JUST FORGET.

Are thank you emails all that impersonal, though? I’m always friendly and honestly appreciative. I make it a point, thanks to Desi’s words of wisdom, to always personalize everything in great detail so it’s obvious I’m not sending some sort of form letter.

I think if I wasn’t thankful for an interviewer’s time, I would convey that relatively easily when all of a sudden turning into jerk mode in an interview. Still, I’m kind of thankful that I’ve been able to practice my interviewing skills, even if it is on some chode that’s only filling a specific quota of interviews he has to do before he gets paid commission. Wait, what?

But maybe I’d be a little more apt to mail out my heartfelt thanks if I had something that looked like this:

From now on, I’m gonna try harder. Just go ahead and, you know, send me whatever you want and I’ll drop a thank you note in the mail. Honest.


  1. Willis

    Take this for what it’s worth, but the career workshops at Carlson reccomend email over physical cards. often physical cards arrive after a decision has already been made, versus email, which arrives right after you send it, which can be shortly after the interview.

    Having done a lot of hiring, I get about 50/50, I’d say.

  2. Melanie

    So I am going to go with the hand-delivered paper thank you card. That’s how I got my current job anyways. Of course, my thank you cards aren’t as cute as your picture sample!! Guess it was worth getting up early the day after my interview, driving downtown and paying $16 to park for a matter of minutes! Just my two cents.

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