re: dog feces

I can’t help it. I have a lot to say today.

I just checked my mail, and noticed I had a letter from my new apartment’s management company. I always get scared when I get unexpected letters from any place of business, but I like to blame that on the time I bounced a bunch of checks when I was barely out of high school. (Shut up. I took three hours of band my senior year, instead of personal finance!)

The letter goes on to say the following:

It has come to management company’s attention that some pet owners have and are continuing to neglectfully take responsibility for their Petsho dog’s feces…. As a resident and dog owner, you must take a small bag or receptacle item to pick up after your dog… dogs are no longer allowed to urinate or defecate on management company’s property; you as a pet owner are responsible to clean up after your dog (s) and to now take them off management company’s property for walks and to take care of business. This is your only warning. …

It later goes on to say that pet owners can be evicted if we let our dogs poop on the properties. Seriously. And all of the bold typeface? That’s how it is in the letter.

Now, I haven’t said more than 10 words to any of my fellow tenants. However, Riley is the only dog here, which means if there’s dog poop anywhere on our property, I’m getting blamed for it. I will be asking for DNA evidence, though, because at least three times a day I’m walking around this damn block (or more) waiting for Riley to urinate or defecate in someone else’s yard (or in the area between the sidewalk and the road).

The absolute last thing I need right now is to get evicted from my apartment for improper use of dog poop. Plus I’m worried because one of my dogs friends (hey they have friends too!) got fleas so I’m paranoid now and checking my dog all the time. If you want to help your dog with fleas you should get that color and shampoo stuff done, smells aren’t as terrible as they used to be I can tell you that much!

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