too early and too late

It was kind of disappointing day for me last year when Franciso Liriano had to cut his season short due to an arm injury.  And despite pitching about as well as I could while rehabbing in the minors this winter and spring, someone in the Twins organization thought it’d be a good idea to bring him back up to the majors.

He pitched less than five innings and gave up four runs, and most concerning to me, he gave up five walks. I know things like that happen to everyone, especially after missing an entire season. The most he’d pitched in the minors so far this season? Four innings. It’s clearly not time to bring him up yet.  And if the Twins thing the right thing to do is pull him up right this very second, it’s going to be an even longer rehab road for the kid.

Not related to baseball whatsoever, I was supposed to have a phone interview today at 4:00 p.m. It’s now 4:25 and the phone hasn’t rang. Thanks for having me clear off my afternoon to wait for your non-existent phone call, lady.

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