i’m a star – part 2

Tonight marks the second time in four days that a friend of mine has found my shiny, happy mug plastered somewhere on the Internet. Tonight? Desi found me on twinsbaseball.com!

It wasn’t for marrying Joseph Patrick Mauer during a pre-game ceremony, it wasn’t for beating the Twins General Manager with an aluminum bat, and it wasn’t even for streaking across the field during the eighth inning – all of which I would gladly do, mind you.

It was for going to the Stitch n Pitch game last year. While I didn’t partake in any stitching, twinsbaseball.com found a lot of other people that did.

Look how nice I am! I saved the picture and highlighted it so you don’t have to work too hard at finding me (and my homies!) Please note that the man two seats down from me, myself, and Matt are the only ones not stitching!

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