the internet does have useful information!

I’m still unemployed. Which is kind of neat. And by kind of, I mean not at all. In any case, my sabbatical from the employment world has allowed me to do a lot of reading about stuff I never really had the time to read about while part of the working population.

Wikipedia’s been my friend to learn things like the last 10 winners of the John Wooden Award, learning Bret Michaels’ real last name, and that homosexuality is against the law in Jamaica. I’ve also read a ton of things that will ideally help me out when I’m required to wear Grown Up Lady Business Pants five days a week.

I’ve read things about the pros and cons of different CRMs, creative ways to develop a quality business sales lead, and how to avoid talking about exact salary numbers in an interview.

And that’s about the time I’m suddenly reminded that I need a job just as bad as I want a job. This reading might turn me into a professional and the only thing I want to be professional at is being awesome and drinking vodka.

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