two things for this morning

I went grocery shopping last night. I’m not the proud owner of things like spinach and ricotta cheese. This is a big step up from my typical grocery store fare of Hot Pockets, Hamburger Helper, and tortilla chips. (To be fair, I did pick up one box of Hamburger Helper.) I’m very excited that I now own Olive Oil and a brush to, you know, brush it on with. My plan is to cook dinner, any dinner, that does not come solely out of a box and/or the freezer.  And I have the groceries to try three different recipes from the Frigidare Pair. I’m gonna be their unofficial test dummy.

I had two phone interviews this morning that basically stemmed from a couple screening interviews. Both ladies went on and on about how the prescreeners loved me because I was so articulate and had great phone presence, and then both ladies preceded to basically tell me how I didn’t really have the background or experience that they were looking for only after they asked me 3107 questions (including the stupid salary questions I hate). Now, how the fuck is that my fault? I didn’t even apply to your stinky ol’ jobs, so yell at your people that picked my resume up from And not me. Especially when you call at 8:30, because lady, I was up until 3:00 again this morning playing Sims. I’m in no shape to talk to you fresh out of my slumber.

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