discount on registration for the ’08 3 day

The 2008 3 Day hasn’t exactly been my top priority this time around. I feel bad about it, because obviously years 2005-2007 were talked about until you guys all wanted to stab me. I know it’s true! This year, I decided to crew, and while I wouldn’t have known it at the time we signed up in early October, with everything going on in the past six month, I couldn’t imagine doing anything but crewing.

Fundraising as been kind of at a standstill because in the past six months, I’ve gotten fired, went to Missouri twice, took a week long cruise, went to Missouri again, and moved apartments. Oh, and applied for probably 6208 jobs. I guess the one good thing about being on the crew, as opposed to walking, is that there’s no fundraising minimum like I’ve had to deal with in the past.

Out of the many, many things I’ve learned about the way things run over the course of The 3 Day, one of the most important things? The crew. They’re there to cheer you on, make you laugh, pick you up (sometimes even literally), and even if it’s just for five seconds, they can make you forget that you’ve just woken up from your second night of sleeping in a tent, and you’ve got 20 more miles to walk before you get to peel off your tennis shoes and take a shower in something besides a diesel trailer.

That’s why I wanted to crew this year, and that’s why I’d like to invite you to crew along with me and other members of Team Boobylicious.

Through midnight on April 11th, you can save $35 off the normally $90 registration fee. The money you use to register doesn’t go towards your fundraising, but it does go towards covering things like three days of meals, showers, and enough medical supplies to take care of thousands of walkers.

When you register at (or via phone at 800.996.3DAY), join Team Boobylicious and use the promo code TEAMS to receive the discounted registration fee. And just because you’re crewing doesn’t mean it won’t be four days out of your life that’ll change it forever.*

(*Crew members actually have to be there a half day in advance to help set up giant tents and organize everything.)

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