twitter updates for 2008-04-05

  • We’re in the burbs and I ran into my roommate from 2002’s boyfriend. Kinda not saying hi! #
  • Making business plans with your BFFs at a bar during 2-for-1s? Best ideas ever. #
  • And this whole bar just got rickrolled by @agent_zero! #
  • @billhelm mancini’s is for pussies! #
  • @billhelm but do they have 2-for-1s??!! #
  • I don’t know what I hate more: the person that played the Huey Lewis song or that I know that it’s from the movie Duets. #
  • Jenni and I almost had to fight off 40 year olds in the bathroom because we didn’t give her toilet paper but they did not fucking ask fo … #
  • It’s time for the first dog park trip of the year! Hey spring, I missed you! #
  • I wish I knew proper etiquette for when your dog pees on another one. No reason. #
  • Last time I bathed my own dog, he weighed less than 20 lbs. And now I know there’s a reason I pay someone to do it monthly. #
  • @best_day_ever I am on my way over because i can eat all 18. CUPCAKES! #

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