attention kitchen dummies

Normally, I’m not the kind of person that says Oh Em Gee! You Guys Have To Read This Blog! because I think it’s kinda douchey, and since the internet is full of those that are douchey, I refrain. But today is different.

The Cuz emailed a while back and was all “a cooking blog, blah blah blah” and I was all “yeah, okay, here ya go, have a nice day”. The other day, in my oh-so-busy day, I decided to check it out.

Um, hi. I kind of want to cook now.

I think it helps that The Cuz and Another Robin have toddlers and have to keep that in mind when they cook. Since I have the diet of a toddler (okay, 82 toddlers, but you get the point), this is stuff I a) like and b) can figure out. I have a handful of cookbooks on my shelf, including Help! My Apartment has a Kitchen and The 4 Ingredient Cookbook. The thing is, aside from Kool Aid Pie (don’t ask), I haven’t made anything from either cookbook, which is why I kind of shrugged off a cooking blog.

I watch Top Chef for the drama and the hairstyle ideas. Not for cooking ideas.

There are at least three recipes The Robin Posse have posted so far that I really want to try. My biggest pet peeve of cooking for one person is that I don’t do the logical thing and put the rest in the ‘fridge, I eat it. These two tell me how to freeze it. And reheat it. I need that and books don’t offer that!

Anyway, Frigidaire Pair is now in my Google Reader, and it’s the only blog under cooking category.


  1. Make the calzones. Cut the recipe in half because you probably don’t have room in your freezer for 8 calzones. You will fucking love them. I promise. Remember the calzone you had at Racchinelli’s when you visited a few years ago? It’s like that.

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