all i got is four minutes

It’s probably public knowledge that I would have Justin Timberlake’s children. Or maybe child. Or maybe we’d just visit the orphanage in Namibia together. But you get the point. And while his acting make be only slightly better than the Arby’s bag laying on my desk, his music never ever lets me down. That’s why I was all school-girl excited when this whole Madonna/JT singing a song together rumor started circulating. And then I heard it on the radio.

4 Minutes to Save the World (I can’t promise how long that video will be available.) had a whole lot of potential in my pop-music lovin’ eyes, but it didn’t even come close to meeting the expectations for it, and now we’re going to be forced to hear it every 29 minutes on any Clear Channel radio station I stumble upon. It makes me a little sad.

You know what else makes me sad? The font they chose for the cover of the single. You’re throwing quite possibly the most popular (just not the highest selling!) female artist on a cover with Hollywood’s IT BOY and that’s the font you’re gonna choose? While I appreciate the generous use of Photoshopped drop shadows, you’d think the media department would have a little bigger budget… which was probably spent on making Madonna look more like Justin Timberlake’s sister than someone old enough to be his ma.

And I found this for you. It’s a video of the LYRICS of the song, so you and two of your friends can duke it out over who gets to be Madonna, JT, or Timbaland – and then all the words are right there for you. You can thank me later.

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