some paper and a pen

My new favorite thing since I’ve moved is keeping a notebook at my desk. Sometimes I have ideas I want to write down, or notes I want to take when on the phone with, oh, a potential employer and/or recruiter. In the old apartment, I wrote on the back of Band Aid wrappers and Taco Bell napkins, so you can see how much more effective my new note-taking system is.

My current notebook has the following:

Page 1

  • Various bits of information I needed to jot down when talking to D-Link a couple of weeks ago about the idiotic behavior of my router and network adapter. (I should probably call them back, because my wireless network is shady enough that I have a network cable strung across my living room. Ironically, I get a more reliable connection when stealing someone else’s wireless signal.)
  • The name of my wireless network (which is? AWESOME) and the password it generated for my secure network.
  • A list of people going to the Twins Opener later this month
  • The instructions Tivo gave me for setting up my new cable lineup when I moved

Page 2

  • Two lists of things I keep thinking about, but never write down
  • Two prospective companies that I talked about with my awesome recruiter on Friday afternoon
  • Seven versions of the letter W
  • My recruiter’s personal email address
  • The DNS information for my new webhost
  • a list of things my piece of shit cell phone has been doing the past two weeks and the name of the piece of shit customer service rep that I just talked to



  1. In case you’re ever in my part of Michigan and you need to steal wireless, my network is named houseofvagina.

    I hope the people who stay at Lodging By The Month on the next block see it pop up on their “networks in range” list and try to figure out where our bordello is.

  2. I should totally get a notebook. I keep writing stuff on post-its which sometimes also get transferred to and from my pockets and then I just have a pile of folded post-its which don’t even stick because they’ve been folded.

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