the wnba doesn’t pay for spellcheck

Before I write any of this, I just want to preface the post with: I love the Minnesota Lynx. Despite the fact that they didn’t protect my favorite player for this summer’s expansion draft, I’m still a fan and I’m also a season ticket holder. In fact, I was about compose this long post about how excited I am about the season and how fantastic the organization actually is.

I was reading MNSpeak today, when I noticed the Lynx has purchased a banner ad. I wouldn’t really call MNSpeak the type of place where the typical Lynx season ticket holder would spend a lot of time, but hey – if you have extra marketing dollars, let’s use ’em, right? I’m not sure how long they’ve purchased ad space, but you might be able to still catch it there.

If not, I can let you know that the image quality was super grainy, and it looked like someone had just gotten their very first copy of Banner Making 4 U.

And I didn’t even notice the best part of it, but Jenni did:

Whitehouse. Really? I like to think that maybe White House is trademarked and you can only use it in your stellar WNBA ads when you have permission by the actual President, but something tells me that isn’t the case.


  1. I didn’t even catch that part. I was thinking of three frames later where it says “THE MINNESOTA LYNK”.

    Really? Can’t even get the TEAM NAME right?

    Snarky bastards that mnspeakers are, any teeny bit of cred the Lynx ad might have gotten is just gone.

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