my exciting friday

I got a letter today from my new apartment’s management company saying I owed them 80 cents. I found it a big peculiar, but decided not to get mad about it until I’d actually talked to them about it. I left a voicemail maybe around 2 pm today. I just got a phone call back from them about two minutes ago, and the lady apologized about four times.

Dear old apartment complex,

This is how you do things.

Love Hate,


Someone in this apartment (not me) gets to go to the doctor tomorrow because his right ear smells like someone shoveled in about eight pounds of rancid yeast. I was going to try a home cure that I’ve heard about from reliable sources, but I just want to make 100% sure that it is actually a yeast infection instead of a bacterial infection. And if it does happen to be a yeast infection, I’m going to be the tiniest bit furious at the groomer, because that’s the only place humanly possible that he could get his ears in water. Unless he’s bathing himself in the tub while I’m out interviewing and drinking heavily… and I guess that’s probably likely.

It just means I’ll start bathing himself (this does not sound fun), and brushing his teeth, and somehow figuring out how to cut these beautiful nails of his, which may be a challenge since his nails are about as strong as the wall.


  1. We trim our dogs nails with a Dremel tool / sandpaper attachment. He seems to tolerate it better than clipping. It’s worth a try if you have a hard time clipping them.

    And, 80 cents? It cost them nearly that much to send you the letter. Jeesh.

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