things i love about my new apartment

  1.    The view from my dining room and living room. It’s a busy street during the day, and fairly quiet at night. Even on Saturday night, the distinct sound of people talking as they walked by was more enjoyable than the children screaming and unruly dogs barking at the old apartment.
  2.    Riley’s the only dog; there’s one kid here every other weekend. I love kids, but my experience living near them has never been enjoyable and/or even remotely quiet.
  3.    The toilet doesn’t clog. Hey, I use a lot of toilet paper.
  4.    There’s no herd of buffalo stampeding above me; instead my downstairs neighbor has to endure that. (Sorry, people I haven’t met yet.)
  5.    The storage closet in the basement where I can still have STUFF, but not have it all over my apartment.
  6.    The way the windows open. I don’t know. I just love it a lot.
  7.    The fact that it has a BATHTUB. (The old place was handicap accessible, and didn’t have a tub; only a shower!)
  8.    THE BITCHIN’ LOCATION. I really want to show you a map of where I live and where all the awesome things (including my friends) are, but I’m scared some freak face will possibly come kill me. Or break into my car and just stay there until I decide to leave one day. Here’s a limited list of location-related perks:
  •           My 612 tattoo place is exactly 1 mile from me, but if I wanted to go to a new one, there are at least six others within the same distance.
  •           This weekend, my friends met at MY PLACE for once.
  •           I can get to any of our regular hangouts in 10 minutes; this compared to about three times that long before.
  •           By freeway, there is only one exit between mine and downtown (i.e. baseball and basketball games, thank you very much.)

Being in this apartment in this city is probably the biggest relief I’ve felt since, well, "having my position eliminated" in October. There was nothing wrong with the suburb that I was living in really, except it was far from everything I do or just about everyone I spend a lot of time with. I’ve been internalizing a lot of stuff that I’ve been dealing with over the last couple of weeks, all of what should be minor but I’ve reacted absolutely ridiculously to. And as soon as I finish hanging up all 5065 of my t-shirts and find my Fancy Pants Grown Up Lady Business Suit for an interview on Wednesday that sounds both exciting AND promising, I’ll be feeling just about 100%.

And since I’m pretty set on my next tattoo, I should probably get a job to fund that nasty little habit.

Yep, things are definitely better.

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