help me out, comcast

  • American Idol so far this season? Not impressed. Not impressed at all.
  • The Lunar eclipse was pretty fantastic last night. Not fantastic enough for me to stand outside for the whole thing, but maybe next time.
  • I keep wanting to write about how excited I am to be moving into Minneapolis, but I can’t really put it into words… Trust me. I’m excited.
  • My cable/internet is scheduled to be shut off today. I kind of did it on purpose, so I’d have nothing to do but pack. But we’ll see if that happens. I can’t believe I’m relying on Comcast to give me a little discipline.
  • As much as I enjoy being a productive member of the job-applying world, I’m kind of looking forward to being an actual part of the working world again. I’m pretty sure I’m rectifying that as soon as possible once I get moved.
  • I’m going to another Wolves game tonight. They’re playing the Spurs, and since I’ve been out of the NBA-fan world for so long, I always have to look at the rosters. Since Damon Stoudamire plays for the Spurs, I’m tempted to dig up the Stoudamire jersey I had. From 1996. When he wore #20 and played for the Raptors. Then I’d be just like the guy that wears his Christian Laettner Timberwolves jersey to the games, or the guy that won the $50 US Bank gift card the other night while wearing his Tom Gugliotta jersey. I love Googs as much as the next guy, but c’mon – that shit’s worn out, dude. Use that $50 and get a Bassy jersey!


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