the flu and the ice

On Friday, I was having a pleasant drive from Eagan to my hometown, when somewhere just after I passed through Kansas City, my muscles started aching. Odd, I thought, since I’d been sitting on my ass rocking out to some really bad mix CDs I found while going through boxes of shit in my apartment. I thought maybe I’d just rocked too damn hard.

Fast forward an hour later when I finally got to my parents’ house and spent the next few hours under a blanket, with my Minnesota Swarm skull cap still on, because I wasn’t a fan of the heat that tends to escape from the top of my cute head.

I turned it into a Nyquil night, and woke up the next morning to find out that my dog had pissed in my parents’ house (that went over well), because I’d passed out so hard I didn’t even wake up when he tried to tell me he had to pee. DayQuil and I got reacquainted, and I ended up heading over with the family to the Triple Birthday Party (my granny, my great aunt, and my cousin all have birthdays in mid/late February) for a couple of hours. I honestly felt pretty good at this point.

Last night after the big birthday bash, I tried to make it another Nyquil Night, but it apparently didn’t work because I was up every two hours hacking my lungs out. It’s one of those annoying coughs that won’t stop, even though there’s really no reason to be coughing. Sometime during the night, I’m pretty sure I wound up with a fever or at least a fever I could actually recognize. I tend to be pretty hot (yes, in more than one way!) most of the time, but this was kind of ridiculous.

It broke early in the afternoon, but I’m back to the whole Feeling Like Ass stage of whatever it is I have. I need to at least upgrade things to at least Slightly Fatigued or something, because I have this whole thing called packing up all of my worldly possessions and putting them into a 17′ foot truck this coming Saturday that I kind of need to do.  (Hey, did you clear your schedule? Because I can use all the help I can get!)

And to top it off, the Iowa DOT is politely informing me that all of I-35 is "completely covered with mixed snow ice or slush, towing services prohibited", so that might make tomorrow’s drive home, well, non-existent.

I just wanna go home. And, you know, not die in the process.

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