happy valentine’s day!

Here’s the thing. As a chronic never-have-a-Valentine type of person, I don’t really go out of my way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s not because I hate it and want to cut my wrists every 14th of February, just so I can feel. It’s because of the following:

February 13th: Granny Viv’s birthday (82 yesterday) and my parents’ anniversary (37 years yesterday)

Yes, that’s me!

February 14th: Grandpa’s birthday (passed away in 2006; would have been 87 today)

Please note the straw hat in one picture and the rope belt in the other. He’d want you to notice.

February 15th: Clara Jane’s birthday (the big 4!)


Tomorrow, I’m headed to Missouri for a grand ol’ birthday celebration. As far as I know and as far as I’m hoping, it’s still a surprise for my grandma. But then again, I also thought we were going to keep it a surprise that I was unemployed (Granny has the tendency to worry. A lot.), but clearly someone let that cat out of the bag.

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