Halfway propagated; halfway screwed up.

Hey, I’m new at learning all of this MySQL database importing business. I can’t really say I’m a fan of it either!

Like, you’re seeing the main page, right? But what happens when you click on a link somewhere within two dolla? Is it a 404 page for you, too?


Edited: Holy shit, I think I fixed it. If you’re bored right about now (or anytime really), would you mind poking around and making sure everything works like it’s supposed to? You can comment here or email me at and let me know either way and then I’d totally be your best friend. FOREVER EVEN.


  1. Looks perfect from here. Everything seems to be nicely clickable.

    I just posted a video of two idiots getting a little too excited about guys on stilts dancing to souljaboy.

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