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I had a phone interview yesterday that went pretty well. So well, in fact, that the lady I was talking to wanted to send me job descriptions for two different jobs she thought I’d be a great fit for and let me get back to her on which one piqued my interest the most. I was very excited, because one position was exactly what I want and the other was something that became more and more intriguing as I thought about it. The nice lady was all, "Okay, I’ll email you both the job descriptions and then you just let me know what you think!" and she verified my email address, told me she loved me, and hung up. It was a little awkward, but for the right job, I’ll overlook it.

I’m an impatient person as it is sometimes, especially when it comes to having a secure way to fund all of my drug habits (that’s a joke, potential employers, should you stumble upon this while Googling for my full name), so I was kind of hoping for this email to appear right away. Naturally, it didn’t, so I had to go to lunch and then to the chiropractor (if you ever need a chiropractor referral in the Twin Cities, let me know. I love this guy.). When I got home, still nothing, of course.

And still nothing as of about noon today. Right after I talked to my new apartment complex, who set up a time for me to get the keys to the apartment on Tuesday (YAY!!), I decided to call the lady from yesterday. It went to voicemail after a few rings, so I left a nice little, professional message letting her know I still hadn’t received her emails and I was looking forward to getting them as soon as possible since they were "being so aggressive with their search".  I still haven’t heard from her.

But you know what? I think this is payback for every time I’ve went out with someone and been all "Hey, I’ll call you…" and, well, not called. And now, here I am – in the role of desperate suitor who just wants a second chance!


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  1. How hard are you going to laugh when you find out that the lady DIED, and that’s why she didn’t email or call. After the funeral, somebody from her office will call you to explain what happened, and you can be all, well, I’ll be damned! Ha ha ha, that’s really funny! So when do I start?

    Hey, good news on the apartment!

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