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Last night, I decided to finally get rid of Riley’s crate. He hasn’t used it since maybe July of last year, and it’s only used now as a threat. I figured it’d be about 75 fewer pounds to have to move to a new place, so I threw it up on Craigslist. Holy crap, I never realized Craigslist people were so special. I’ve received about 8 emails asking if the crate is still available, to which I respond "Yep!" and that’s as far as it’s gone with anyone. I’m not planning on moving it, so if these people could get their shit together, that’d be AWESOME.

I’m leaning towards the Apartment #1 from the other day. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. Except that it’s not dirt cheap. It’s fine, though. And provided I find a job before mid-April when the Unemployment cuts me off, it’ll be just fine.

It is entirely too easy to get an apartment while unemployed and I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. I was very up front with each person, and not a single one seemed to care. I like to think that I just appear very responsible, but somehow I doubt that’s the case.

I got over the chills and fevers I was having. And I think my ears feel better. But holy crap, I can’t stop coughing and that, in turn, is making my throat hurt like a dirty bitch.

Tomorrow, I’m ramming my car as full of boxes as I possibly can and taking care of some packing business. I’m thinking about going home for my Grandma’s birthday and if that’s the case, that means I’ll be missing out on a few days of packing time.


  1. Julie

    I’d say that #1 is the best choice….especially for your pup. That seems more important than saving a few bucks. I’m sure a job will fall your way soon.


    Good luck! You going to be a Clara Jane’s birthday party??

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