i was hoping this would be easy

I looked at two apartments today, and as it worked out, I could totally live in both of them.

Apartment #1 Apartment #2
  • 1 bedroom + a den and a dining room
  • Quite a few closets
  • Tons of cabinet space in the kitchen (for Chef Boyardee)
  • Hardwood floors
  • 1st floor, corner unit
  • Decent sized bathroom
  • Fenced in area for Riley to play off-leash
  • Off-street parking for $45/month
  • On-site caretaker & maintenance
  • Rent: about what I’m paying now
  • 1 bedroom + small dining room
  • Not many closets
  • Reasonable cabinet space
  • Hardwood floors
  • Basement-type unit
  • Reasonable sized bathroom
  • Strict rules on where Riley can pee
  • Garage parking for $50/month
  • Rent: about $95 less than what I pay now

Apartment #1 is on a fairly busy street and it’s surrounded by a couple of schools and a church. It’s less than a mile from tons of places I frequent, including Cindi’s apartment and the closest freeway. It’s less than two miles from the Metrodome and the downtown Minneapolis area. This is the apartment that I wasn’t really excited about looking at. I won’t be saving any money if I ended up moving here, which was my original plan. If I wind up with a job downtown, there’s a bus stop on the corner.

Apartment #2 was the one I was most excited about seeing, but it was kind of a disappointment after the first one. It’s still a good size, but doesn’t have a lot of closet space. The building is an older house that’s been very tastefully turned into apartments. The particular apartment I’d be living in is in the basement, but it does have the require egress windows that doesn’t make it seem dark and dreary. It’s in more of a residential neighborhood and I can see it being very quiet. Nearby attractions: Matt’s apartment (2.0 miles), Jenni’s gym (2.0 miles), the chain of lakes (<4 miles), and probably more convenient if I wind up with a job anywhere south of Minneapolis.

I was up front with both apartment-showing people about the status of my employment. Oddly enough, it didn’t seem to bother either one of them. I think that’s the luxury of working with a more local management company. My current management company is local, but they act like they’re some nationwide chain that doesn’t have any time to do much of anything.

Anyway. I have one more to look at tomorrow, and I’ll probably make a decision. I suppose I could keep looking, but I know me – once I have a place locked in, I’ll actually do more than do some half ass packing. And if I’m going to actually move in, well, four weeks, I should probably get my ass in gear.


  1. PeeWee

    get the nice one, you know you want it. Plus, if your luck is like mine, you would move into the cheaper one, then they would immediately raise the rent $100 a month.

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