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I’m moving sometime next month, provided I find a place. Considering I have three places to look at over the weekend, I don’t think I’m too worried. I’ve just been really spoiled by hanging out in the neighborhoods of Jenni, Matt, and Cindi, where the scariest thing happening is someone vandalizing the billboard across the street from Cindi’s building or some hooligans putting stickers on street signs on Matt’s street. The three places I’m looking at are kind of scattered around a bit. For those local, there’s two in the Whittier neighborhood (one that is more than I want to pay, but I didn’t figure it’d hurt to look) and one in the Field neighborhood (which I didn’t know existed until right now). I’m most excited about that last one, because it’s a pretty fantastic deal for the square feet on the apartment. We’ll see on Saturday if it’s as good as I think, though!

Cindi went with me to look at the apartment I saw before the cruise. It was clearly nothing worth writing about, unless you count almost passing out from the small of fresh paint and cleaning fluids something to write about. It was super tiny and my dog and I would have probably mauled each other to death sooner or later. Speaking of my dog, Riley has to go with me to view Saturday’s apartment. They’d originally said they’d only take small to medium dogs, but are willing to meet Riley and if they deem him … suitable, I guess? … they’ll make an exception.

I’m also trying not to get my hopes up due to this whole not having a job thing. I’m not sure how landlords take to renting an apartment to the unemployed! As a backup plan, my dad said he’d cosign a lease for me, but the idea of me being almost 30 years old and having to have my pops cosign a lease? It kinda makes me want to vomit!

I went to Wal-Mart this morning to pick up toilet paper. I had to wipe my ass with paper towels this morning and it was none to pleasant. That was probably too much information. I also needed some packaging tape and my supply of DayQuil had run out. By the time I got back in the car and drove home, I was dizzy. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy and/or safe. I ended up canceling lunch plans with my favorite former co-workers, a gigantic box up pick up from Sean that would have been a fantastic start on my packing, a tattoo appointment with Cindi (which is probably for the better, because then I would have needed another one right then and there), and some socializing after that.

Instead, I’m downloading 3000 mashups from (thanks to Matt for pointing me in that direction), purging some boxes I never unpacked when I moved into this apartment almost two years ago, and picking up loose change from all over my apartment. But not getting dizzy and that’s the important thing.

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  1. OK, surely, this layout isn’t new, but I’ve been gone for a while… I gotta say, damn, I’m so jealous. I love the layout.

    Oh, and lots of thanks for the the mashups link… I’ve been looking for more good mashups, and haven’t found any I’ve liked in quite some time.

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