everybody clap your hands

In the midst of going between not being able to move my back and having chills so bad I think I might die, I’ve been editing vacation pictures in the hopes that I can soon right about everything and include pictures. But now that I’m on my Grand Cayman/stingray pictures, I felt like I needed to make a list of vacation things that I loved so much, I could possibly cry while thinking about them:

  • being some of the first people on our ship
  • watching Ft. Lauderdale fade into nothing when our ship pulled away
  • walking through Key West before everything opened
  • drinking Mojitos from a to-go cup while walking down Duval Street
  • taking Italian 101 from an Austrian and using the Discotheque in the boat as our classroom
  • learning dirty Italian words from my favorite waiter
  • looking out the cabin window every night before bed
  • my intense adoration for Mr. Pizza and his wife Maxine
  • feeding squid to a stingray
  • holding a stingray
  • being knocked down by a giant wave
  • sitting Indian style in the ocean
  • the roller coaster/bus ride from the pier to Tabyana Beach in Honduras
  • drinking booze in the ocean
  • playing cards while at sea
  • riding ATVs through the Mexican jungle (even if I can’t walk right now because of it)
  • watching the sunset on the pier in Cozumel
  • dancing to Soulja Boy with an Italian assistant DJ

I think that’ll do for now. It at least helps me forget that one week ago today, I was probably floating in the ocean, waiting for Matt and Jenni to come back from their kayak ride. And now it’s 2 degrees outside.


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