i decided to come home

So, 48 hours ago? I’m pretty sure I was swimming in a pool. Filled with salt water. Aboard the Costa Mediterranea. In the middle of the ocean. Heading back to Florida.

Just now? I put on boots, jeans, two shirts, and the thickest winter jacket I own to stomp around in the ice while my dog peed. And it’s -13.

If it weren’t for Riley, I may not have come back.

I have hundreds of pictures to go through and hundreds of hours of sleep to catch up on. Oh, and a job to find and probably a place to live by the end of February.


  1. You poor, poor thing. I feel so sorry for you, having to come home to THIS! I hope Riley appreciates just how big a sacrifice you made to come back to him. I clicked on the web cams of your boat, but I seemed to only remember when it was night, so I have this vision of your vacation being very dark. I’m sure you’ll post more accurate pictures soon, right?

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