Like a good Minnesotan, I read Diablo Cody’s book a while back. I looked through my archives, but realized I must have read it prior to Fake Tits™ from my former job finding my blog, and then me taking everything down and becoming not too sure how to put it all back up. (Oh so sorry, Fake Tits™.) In short, I loved the book very much. I loved that it was based on places I’m somewhat familiar with and I loved the way it was written – I guess in language that sounded like exactly something I’d find myself saying. To continue filling my role of the ideal Minnesota resident, I went to go see Juno this afternoon.

When I walked into the theater, I was kind of surprised at the crowd. It was mainly older people, and by older, I mean quite possibly old enough to be my grandparents. Jodi ran into the same thing in her neck of the woods, and it’s kinda funny! The previews they’ve been showing on TV don’t exactly scream Your Grandparents Movie.

The whole movie was pretty fantastic – the cast, the soundtrack, and obviously the script. I hoped it would be a great movie and worth my $7.25 matinee price, and it didn’t disappoint at all. After hearing all of hype and the five billion awards it’s been nominated for already, I had some doubt in the back of my head going into it, but they were easily erased during the first five minutes. If Hollywood allows Diablo Cody to maintain the type of writing style she’s become known for with Candy Girl and now with Juno, then I’ll be more than excited to see or read anything else with her name attached.

And, because I’m a super nerd with way too much time on my hands and a New Years Resolution to keep track of all the movies I watch, I made a spreadsheet! And because I thought it’d be fun to look at later in the year, I also added worksheets for movies and sporting events, too. SUPER LAME. At least I know this will last all of about six weeks before I get bored with it.

Other things to write about: the Wolves game last night, the Dragon afterwards, and how I need to pack really bad.

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