some real resolutions

Alright, let’s do this thing up right.

1. Get a job. I’m not taking the one I had lined up previously, and while it may be a decision I’ll regret, that’s a chance I’m willing to take. Last time I worked for this company, I couldn’t go back to Missouri for Christmas. Six months later, my grandma died. This company is retail-oriented, and the CEO believes that there’s no need to close down the corporate office on days like the day after Thanksgiving and any extra days around Christmas. I’m just quoting what the HR lady told me a month or so ago.

2. Find a new apartment. This may be tricky if I have to take care of #2 before I take care of #1. Considering my lease runs out at the end of February, I may have to work on my creative negotiating skills to find a place that doesn’t care about my lack of employment.

3. Volunteer more. The 3 Day is awesome and I’ll never stop devoting so much time and energy to that, but I can give my time to more than one organization. I have a few ideas in mind and will be excited to talk more about it once the details get hashed out.

4. Read 12 books this year. Last year, I aimed for 24. I think I got to 10. Hey, I’m not setting myself up for failure on these!

5. Take another community ed class. Or two. Despite wanting to throttle the teacher of the photography class I took this year, I learned a lot. I’d like to do that again throughout the year!

6. Bench press 150 pounds. I was so close a couple of years ago and holy shit, there’s nothing quite like leaving the gym after benching more than most people in the gym weigh.

7. Keep track of all the movies I watch.

8. See more small venue shows.

9. Visit at least three new states.

10. Date more. (Mainly for blogging material, of course.)

11. Make one more attempt at Flickr’s 365 Day Project.

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