i like link roundups

  1. I keep reading stories (like this one) about a new outfielder the Cubs are signing named Fukudome. It will come as no surprise that I keep pronouncing it FUCK-U-DOME.
  2. Cindi told me about ApartmentRatings.com tonight, so I looked up my current dwelling. It’s funny. And I didn’t even write one yet.
  3. ESPN is listing the Twins as one of the five most horribly shitty lineups in the league for the 2008 season. Hey, that’s great news! Sigh.
  4. WikiHow always gives me great ideas – like how to break a beer bottle with your bare hands. It also makes me want to go to bartending school, so I’ll have a reason to make layered shots on a regular basis.
  5. One month from today, I’ll be a bebida on a crucero de lujo with my amigos. (I need to learn Spanish somewhere other than Babel Fish.)
  6. Best prank in the world? Right here. Or at least for the time being.

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