last call for boob cookies

Or actually boob-related cookies, although I wonder if we’d have a better response if we sold cookies actually shaped like boobs.

In any case, tomorrow’s the last day to put your order in for Team Boobylicious’ very own homemade holiday cookies. You can read more information on our team’s blog (I will forever hate that word!) and place an order online, too.

I’m going to follow Jumi’s lead on this one, too. For those of you not in my local delivery area (which includes the greater Twin Cities metro area and the mid-Missouri area), I’ll pay the shipping for you. It’ll be my little $6 Christmas gift to you. Just be sure to put my name – Wendy Timberlake-Pitt-Mauer-Mann-Bartender-at-the-90s (while I don’t believe in marriage much anymore, I believe in making sure I have all their last names, so I can seem prestigious and fancy) – in the "heard about" field. You can also just put Wendy or two dolla or anything that’ll make sense, really.

Thank you in advance, from both me and my boobs.

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