fishing for lunch in 1988

Fishing for Lunch - 1988I scanned over 100 pictures from various photo albums when I was home over my extended Thanksgiving break and the only thing that I’ve actually done with them is look at them just about every day. While I’m very excited to have copies of a lot of my favorite pictures, I also wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share. Lucky you.

There was never any doubt when I was growing up that I was lucky enough to have the most amazing grandparents in all the land. I’m not exaggerating at all. They took us camping, fishing, out to lunch, shopping, to church, and let us spend the night on a regular basis. Pretty much the best childhood ever for a kid, and this particular picture shows just how much they’d do for us when we were kids.

It’s 1988 and I’m 10 years old. My parents, my brother, and both sets of my grandparents were headed out onto Truman Lake in Warsaw, Missouri, to do some crappie fishing. I can’t remember why, but my parents and maternal grandparents hopped on their pontoon boat, while my paternal grandparents, brother, and I jumped into their bass boat.

As we always did when we went out fishing, we packed lunches and around noontime, the grandmas started making sandwiches for everyone. This is where I realize I was more than spoiled. The tuna fish was on the pontoon boat; I was on the other boat and that’s what I wanted for lunch. Instead of saying, "No, Wendy, you’re going to have to have peanut butter/ham and cheese/whatever the other option was", my grandparents and parents devised a plan to get a tuna sandwich across the water from boat to boat.

What you see in this picture (and can see in more detail if you click on it) is my Granny Viv reeling in a cooler lid with a tuna sandwich on top. My Grandma Jean made the tuna sandwich just the way I love it (tuna and mayo, no lettuce!) and set it on a napkin in the cooler lid. Granny Viv cast her line into the pontoon boat, where I’m sure my dad used his ridiculous I-can-make-anything-work abilities to secure the line to the cooler lid. He put it back into the water, and several minutes later, I was one happy 10 year old, complete with tuna sandwich.

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  1. Now THAT is a darling story, and my kind of fishing, too. You catch a fish that is already cleaned, cooked, mixed with mayo and made into a sandwich. Nice.

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