forgotten friday shuffle

  1. Can You Feel It Now? – Tremolo
  2. You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
  3. How to Avoid an Assassination – the Stnnnnnnnnnnng
  4. Home – Sheryl Crow
  5. Come Back to Bed – John Mayer
  6. One More Cup of Coffee – White Stripes
  7. Bring ‘Em In – 50 Cent
  8. It’s All About the Pentiums – Weird Al
  9. In The Club – 50 Cent
  10. Rollover D.J. – Jet

A fantastic selection indeed for this week’s Friday Shuffle.

It’s ass cold in my apartment and even more than ass cold outside. You know when there’s a frozen thermometer, that means you’re not supposed to go outside or you could quite possibly freeze to death in less than two seconds, right?

Also, today’s my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Ma.


  1. Tom

    Hello Wendy.

    Howzabout making these mixes complete by allowing users to doubleclick an icon, and listen to the tracks straghtaway?


  2. Hi Tom,

    I’m sure I could, but I don’t want to pay for the amount of bandwidth it’d take for people to listen to various songs through my hosting account.

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