for sale: one dog complete with ear infection

If ever there was a time Riley was going to eat my face off while I sleep, tonight would be the night.

I put taking Riley off to the vet for a couple of weeks. I was hoping his ear issues, mainly the fact that he scratches them so much he winds up with cuts behind his ears, would clear up on their own. They didn’t, so at the risk of sounding like I suffer from Munchausen syndrome, I called this morning to let them know I thought he had an ear infection. They knew who I was before I ever gave them Riley’s name and we wound up with a 4pm appointment.

One hour and $179 later (YEAH, I KNOW. MERRY CHRISTMAS, RILEY.), he has two different medication to treat the two different kinds of infections he has in both ears – yeast and bacteria. I shoved his oral medication down the back of his throat, which he hates quite a lot. And then it came time to clean out his ears with some "Medically Formulated Ear Cleanser" (which cost $30 for an 8 ounce bottle). I got three drops in his ear before he took off running across through my apartment, rubbing his ear on anything he could. More cleaning solution wound up on my pants then in my dog’s infected ear. Now he won’t come within 3 feet of me, so getting this in his ear could be interesting.

And when that’s done? I get to wait an hour and put some topical ointment inside his ear, too.

Edit: I just went to go find him and he’s hiding between the opposite side of my bed that we use and the wall. Albeit he’s sleeping, but this is a place where I’ve never seen him sleep before.



  1. Hahaha. WHAT’S NOT WEIRD ABOUT MY DOG? I think that’s the part from him getting water in his ears somehow? I can’t really remember. He’s had a yeast infection in between his toes before, too. *sigh*

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