the first 2007 wrap up of many i’m sure

I just did this on LiveJournal and I had so much fun reliving my incredibly awesome rockstar on a budget type lifestyle, that I wanted to do it here, too. Basically, you go your archives and post the first couple of sentences from each month.

January: This Near Year’s Eve was spent with the girls and we’ve decided we’ll now call ourselves Vajayjay, even though we’re not sure how to spell it. Although, I may have just verified it with the always reliable Urban Dictionary.

February: Last call for truffles, my friends. Tomorrow night’s the end of the hawking of the truffles.

March: I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I’ll do it anyway, just for you guys. I love me some a shopping blog or two. I have a whole category on my RSS reader full of ‘em.

April: Hello. I have returned. I may have left parts of my nose and ear lobes that have peeled off, but it was worth it.

May: Some kid just called my dog “That Crazy Motherfucker”. It was so hard for me not to laugh – is that wrong?

June:  Awesome: In the last few days, I’ve purchased two plane tickets (one to St. Louis in July and one to Fort Lauderdale next January) and started working on reservations for Awesome Cruise: 2008.

July:  I have two things for you right now, because I’m still working on uploading pictures from this weekend and writing the most awesome recap in all of the land.

August: I stole both of these pictures from Jenni, but it’s mainly because I can’t take pictures of myself being this awesome. I also wanted to show you all my awesome hair that I’ve been raving about for a good month now. (I’m like a gay boy, Cindi says, because I carry my hair wax everywhere I go. I can’t help it. Sometimes my hair gets floppy when it should be stiff. Shut up.)

September: I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, and I don’t think I ever have been. Yeah, last year, I dressed up as an entirely inappropriate and fictional superhero, which landed me the Best Overall Costume Award, but mainly I just went to the party to be able to drink copious amounts of alcohol while wearing a cape and a swim cap. Trust me. You’d do the same thing.

October: Remember that challenge from last week that I was going to take Jenni upon that involved posting every day for a whole month? Hi, failure, it’s me, Wendy, again! I’m going to start over today, because it’s a whole month and easier for me to keep track of, or something like that!

November: You know how my dog’s really damn cute, right? Of course you do.

December:  Not that there was any doubt on whether I’d have time to do it, but I’m happy to say I successfully completed NaBloPoMo by posting every day before I went to bed in November. What you also may not know is that I posted every day in October, too, but only as my own personal challenge. It brings me great pleasure to find Holidailies – posting every day from December 1 – January 1! Hooray for 31 more days of me IN A ROW!


Man. It’s too bad my Livejournal one was about five thousand times more exciting… mainly because it’s SECRET.

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Just found your post through Holidailies and just LOVE this idea! Too bad I’ve only been writing for 3 months, so there’s not really any point in my trying it. But your recap was highly enjoyable and amusing! (Oh, and if you like memes, I was just tagged for one–please feel free to join in).

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