it’s countdown time

While they’re few and far between every once in a while there are days like today when I don’t care that Britney Spears is being investigated for child abuse charges or that Brad Pitt wants to turn Angelina Jolie into a baby-making machine. I don’t care that there’s 97 feet of snow on the ground and people are going to have to start eating each other if the weather gets any worse. I don’t even care that I’m having a bad hair day.

Why you ask:


Little things remind me that I’m less than two months away from waking up and eating breakfast while overlooking the ocean all around me. Today, I finalized puppy care for Riley and got Cindi’s passport information that I have to send to the cruise folks. Two more necessary things out of the way!

I may need some more board shorts, and definitely a new pair of sunglasses. Other than that, I could pack right this very second and not feel bad about it. At all.

(I also wanted to make one of these damn ticker things, but I thought they were only good for people trying to get knocked up.)


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