a broken chair, rope trick, awesome pizza, and cookies

Last year for Christmas, my grandma gave me a new cushion for my office chair, which I asked for. I think these are the most popular cushions for your office chair and i love them! I put it together a few weeks ago. Finally. And I’m horrible at putting things together completely. So now, an arm has fallen off, and I’m refusing to fix it because I can’t find my trusty Philips head screwdriver. I’m sure it’s improving posture by using it this way.

The Usual Suspects and I hit the town last night, for the first time in several weeks. Our mission was to see Rope Trick. (Stop reading until you listen to their songs on the ‘Space.) And now go ‘head and read Matt’s article about them in Metro. If you’re not going to take the time to listen and/or read more about them, just read this: The lead singer is a gay Asian cowboy that yodels and sings Cowboy’s Sweetheart. It’s absolutely fabulous, and if you can ever go see Rope Trick anywhere, go do it.

I met picked Jenni up for lunch today, and our mission was AWESOME PIZZA. We’ve been bothering Pizza Luce for quite possibly years to put this pizza on the menu and name it AWESOME PIZZA. It’s awesome because it’s all cheese: Gouda, provolone, goat cheese, and mozerella. Then, it’s imperative that you cover it with Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes. So delicious.

We’re selling holiday cookies again as our first fundraiser for the 2008 3 Day. It’s basically the same as always. Go here to order dozens and dozens of chocolate chip, peanut butter blossom, iced sugar cookies, or a variety of the three. Local Twin Cities delivery is free, and I’ll even be delivering locally to the mid-Missouri area, because I’m so nice like that. Otherwise, delivery will add another $6 to your total. The deadline for ordering is December 11th, and delivery will begin on December 16th or 17th! It’s $6/dozen or $25 for five dozen. What a savings! As usual, absolutely all proceeds will be donated towards Team Boobylicious’s fundraising efforts.

And let’s just go ahead and Friday Shuffle:

  1. Smack My Bitch Up –  Richard Cheese
  2. ‘Til I Gain Control Again – Willie Nelson
  3. Love Me So Bad – Lyrics Born
  4. ABC – Jackson Five
  5. Face Down, Ass Up – DJ Isaac
  6. Within You – David Bowie
  7. Walking on Sunshine (Lenny B’s Club Mix) – The Jay Boys
  8. Basket Case – Green Day
  9. I Remember When – New Kids on the Block
  10. Fell in Love With a Girl – White Stripes

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