bill smith? is that an alias?

Just because I can’t find your name in the phone book, fine sir, does not mean that I won’t find a way to track you down and say mean things to you. (Smith, for those if you not in the know, took over as the Minnesota Twins General Manager this past season when Terry Ryan "resigned")

Order of business for Bill, so far, must be as follows:

  1. Piss of all the fans.
  2. Oops. Never mind. There’s only 1.

Torii Hunter’s contract comes up, and Bill balks on it all. What happens? Torii’s playing for the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Angels.

Secondly? He trades Matt Garza (who probably would have been a starter this year), Jason Bartlett (the shortstop in 07, but would have had to fight to keep his starting gig in 08), and a prospect pitcher named Eduardo, who was rocking pretty good in Fort Meyers. Who do we get from Tampa Bay? Delmon Young (runner up for AL Rookie of the Year last year), Brendan Harris (who played 2nd base last year) and a minor leaguer named Jason Pridie. (all the details are here)

I’m kind of excited about Young – a young, successful outfielder for the Twins? It just means that when it’s time for his contract to be renewed, we’ll lose him. So, let’s not get too attached. He’s only 22, though, which means the Twins Front Office won’t be kicking him out the door on his aging (in their opinion) ass until a couple of years into the new stadium. I’m rather intrigued with his history of being suspended to due rage and violence, but with Torii gone now, we need someone that will show an emotion other than a polite grin and nod.

Typical 2007 Lineup What 2008 Might Look Like
  1. Nick Punto – 3B
  2. Jason Bartlett – SS
  3. Torii Hunter – CF
  4. Michael Cuddyer – RF
  5. Joe Mauer – C
  6. Justin Morneau – 1B
  7. Alexi Casilla – 2B
  8. Jason Kubel – LF
  9. Johan Santana – P
  1. Brian Buscher – 3B
  2. Brendan Harris – SS
  3. Delmon Young – CF
  4. Michael Cuddyer – RF
  5. Joe Mauer – C
  6. Justin Morneau – 1B
  7. Nick Punto – 2B
  8. Kubel/Craig Monroe – LF
  9. Johan Santana – P

What is that? And the off-season rumor mill is stacked with ideas of Santana going to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera and a pile of pitching propects, or to Boston for the same type of deal. Prospects do not equal Cy Young awards, shitheads. I’m not understanding the logic behind this offseason so far at all. Not one single bit.

I don’t like memorizing all new jersey numbers, batting stances, and running styles before every season. Did you ever see the Yankees sign 650 new people prior to a season and then win the Series? Nope, and they even PAY their players.

I’m mad at the Twins. But really I’m just mad at Bill Smith. You’re on my list. pal.


  1. Bill K

    There is no logic other than we cannot afford players once they get good enough because of the economics of major league baseball. The Twins never would have been able to pay Torii what he got from LA, and they won’t be able to pay Santana. They will continue to be a team finding the cheaper, younger guys. It’ll continue until a salary cap or some kind of revenue sharing agreement is in place. Sucks…

  2. It sucks, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. You can’t be a fan with the idea that the team is always gonna have shitty players, ya know? You have to at least hold out some hope.

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