some things are better off forgotten

It’s been a while since we’ve examined the awesomeness that is my iPod content. In the spirit of The Cuz being a regular Friday Shuffler, here are the first ten songs that came up:

  1. Shake Your Groove Thing – Peaches and Herb
  2. Forget About Dr. Dre – Dr. Dre (featuring Eminem)
  3. Do Ya Wanna Party – Kelly Osbourne
  4. If I Had You – Nnenna Freelon (I really don’t even know this song.)
  5. Manic Monday – Bangles
  6. Lose Control – Missy Elliott (Featuring Ciara & Fat man Scoop)
  7. Wish U Were Here – Jamie Foxx
  8. A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson
  9. Friday Fun – The Donnas
  10. Every Other Time – LFO

The Cuz-In-Law is in the next room tuning his birthday present – Guitar Hero III. You know what that means? We’re gonna have to rock tonight. As long as we don’t stay up so late that we sleep through Thanksgiving story time at the bookstore tomorrow morning.

What? I’m still hardcore. There’s fancy bourbon being passed around right now, and my classic Jello Shot Salad (patent pending) in the ‘fridge waiting for a party tomorrow.

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