good thing they were cheap

Today’s the busiest day I’ve had since I was fired my position was eliminated.

I woke up to a missing dog, because he’s found new best friends in his cousin-dogs. The amazing thing is that I woke up before, you know, lunch time, which is what I’ve grown accustomed to doing for the past month. The Cuz wrote about it here. And the subject of the post is true – I totally paid for the naked ladies, and Antoine the backpack toting drive thru employee at McDonald’s know that, too.

Tomorrow’s zoo plans have pretty much been kicked aside due to this whole thing about small children not having fun when the windchill is in the 40s. It may mean that Lardass the Dog Riley spends some more time outside, which could result in more carpentry lessons from The Cuz-In-Law…

Hey, and when I tell someone I want to play a game of Scrabble via Facebook and I want to be done with it tonight, that means don’t take 12 minutes to play your fucking word, jackass.

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