a list that should have been paragraphs

I feel like I neglected my weekend wrap-up after reading the lovely and details posts of Jenni and Matt, so I’ll do it in infamous list-type format.

  • Drove to Mankato with every intention of driving back later that night.
  • Got pulled over as I headed south, but just got a very long lecture instead of a ticket. (I know, Dad – "Watch your speed")
  • Met the BFFs at the hotel bar right next to Alltel Center, where we watched a hockey game.
  • Watched an insane hockey game just a few rows from the ice. Gophers won. Mr. Jeff Frazee, you scare the shit out of me every single second you play. I’m sorry. I want to like you, but it’s hard.
  • Walked over to Pub 500 because my buddy (and former Work Boy™) Mike’s band (Jack Brass Band) was playing and we were gonna surprise him. Both the bar and the band were awesome and we stayed until JBB’s set was over. Mike had to do the responsible family thing, so the rest of us bailed!
  • Katie and Bill went back to the hotel; Cindi, Matt, Jenni, and I went in search of another bar. We were told one called Mum’s the Word was the one with the fewest number of douches.
  • Whoever told us that lied.
  • More drinks were consumed.
  • We walked back to the hotel, which I do not remember.
  • Matt dove for M&Ms as we threw them on the bed. Head first.
  • We got a noise complaint that involved a security guard coming to the door and telling us to keep it down.
  • We yelled and laughed for a good half hour longer.
  • I slept there.

That was totally not list appropriate.


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