coach rodman is a horrible great idea

Back in the day when NBA players didn’t have five billion tattoos and the Chicago Bulls were unstoppable, I had a ton of basketball jerseys. My favorite ones to wear to high school during my junior and senior year? Either Dennis Rodman’s Bulls jersey or Bobby Hurley’s Kings jersey. Neither one of those do me a lot of good right now, but I sure as hell still have them both.

In any case, I hated Rodman when he played for the Pistons, because that’s what Bulls fans were supposed to do. Then he signed with the Bulls and became my 3rd favorite Chicago basketball player – after Michael Jordan and B.J. Armstrong, of course.

I knew it’d been too quiet in Dennis Rodman news, and that might explain why he’s volunteering to coach the new Atlanta WNBA team. HELL YES.

I can kind of see his point. Bill Laimbeer, one of his former Piston teammates, coaches the Detroit Shock, along with assistant coach and former Piston Rick Mahorn, so why not let Rodman coach the yet-to-be-named 2008 expansion team? The Shock are one of the best teams in the WNBA right now, and coaching has to have at least a little something to do with it, wouldn’t you think?

The owner of the new WNBA team isn’t really a fan of the idea, for kind of ridiculous reasons:

"My own view is that I don’t think he’s currently qualified to be a head coach," Terwilliger said. "We need someone who knows the league, knows how it works, knows the players and knows the college talent coming up. And we’d prefer to have a women’s coach since it’s a women’s league." (link via ESPN)

Eight of the current WNBA teams have men head coaches, most of which have played in the NBA. I’m all for more women head coaches, but let’s dress Rodman in drag and throw him on the bench. He’d be down with it.


  1. I just read the title of your post to Pat, and he said, “Exactly!” I’d love to see Dennis Rodman coaching in the WNBA. He would certainly sell tickets.

  2. If the guy’s never coached before, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make him a head coach. Can’t overlook the fact that he was one of the greatest rebounders of all time and would probably make a pretty good assistant coach. But a head coach? Nah.

    And while I think he would sell some tickets, I think it would be for the wrong reasons. Folks would show up hoping for a spectacle, and when they don’t get it, they won’t come back. The league already has a tough time demonstrating legitimacy.

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  3. While it woudl be extremely entertaining, I kind of agree with you. If he would hop into an assistant job (even in Detroit, which would have the scariest bunch of coaches EVER) and take it seriously, then he could move on.

    But yeah. It’s just Atlanta’s logic that they need a lady coach that drives me insane. :)

  4. “It’s just Atlanta’s logic that they need a lady coach that drives me insane.”

    (Okay, for some reason, that kinda squicked me out. Like lady parts or lady friend. Eesh!)

    But yeah, they need a good coach, period. I can see how name recognition would be a helpful thing, especially for a new team. Of course the buzz is that Teresa Edwards will be coaching there in some capacity since she went to UGA (and maybe is also from GA?). Which means she won’t be coaching here which means we need a new assistant coach.

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