oh snap, mitch

I got a call this morning on my cell phone from Mitch, who was calling from the Minnesota Twins. For five seconds I got excited. I thought maybe they’d seen my resume and wanted me to, you know, manage the team or be the person that stretches Joe Mauer before every game. Yeah, no such luck.

Mitch was calling to ask if I’d seen the plans for the new stadium (I have) and if I had given any thought to purchasing a season ticket package this year to make sure that I’d get first choice of my season tickets in the new stadium (I had not). Because he’s a salesman, he asked why I hadn’t given any though to purchasing a season ticket package. Sigh.

Oh, Mitch.

I told him I had no interest in committing my money to the Twins for 81 games in 2008, mainly because the Twins seemed to have no interest in committing their money to any of the talented players that need better contracts.

What’s up now, Mitch?

I know it’s not his fault that the Twins payroll wallet is only a tiny bit bigger than my own, but it didn’t seem as entertaining to say "Oooh, I’m gonna have to pass. See, I don’t have a job and if I did, I’m pretty sure I still couldn’t afford season tickets."

He thanked me for taking his call and hung up the phone.


What's up?