a lot for a friday morning

I had to call and cancel an interview I had this morning, because the starting pay was way too far beneath what I needed to actually live. And, well, I’m not so down with that.

The two good things from the other day? It must have been April Fool’s Day or something in some part of the world. The job is still trying to decide if the offer still stands due to a cruise I have booked (paid for in full, along with airfare) in January, because you’re not supposed to miss any work in your first 90 days there. I’m waiting on a call back from HR on that.

And the Timberwolves tickets I won aren’t actually tickets so much as access to a suite where I am, in fact, guaranteed to not have a seat, and while there will be plenty of room for me to mingle (the sales rep actually said that), there’s no guarantee that I won’t have a completely obstructed view of the game. Well, that sounds fun! Because my main concern at any sporting event is MINGLING. Wow. I may go downtown early enough just to get the "free winter hat" and then excuse myself to some nosebleeds. Or stay at home and flip back and forth between Gopher Hockey and the Wolves Opener.

I went to a Happy Hour with some former co-workers last night. I’d seen three of them since "I left the company" (which is how management is referring to my departure), but I was a little bit nervous seeing a bunch of people. I dunno. It’s embarassing when you get fired, no matter what the reason is, and I wasn’t sure if it’s be awkward. It wasn’t. It was actually really fun. And it was really nice to hang out with that group of people – all of them.

Now, I’m spending my morning waiting for that above phone call and playing Scrabble on Facebook with Desi, Chele, and Jenni – yes, that’s three different games of Scrabble. I hated Facebook until now.


  1. It drives me apeshit batty that the whole job thing is in jeopardy because OH NO she’s not following corporate policy and the world might end.

    God, I hate corporations.

  2. Do they seriously expect you to just cancel your vacation plans? I’ve never heard of a company expecting that!

    Isn’t Riley’s photo shoot today?

    Lame about the “mingling room only” in the suite. If you go, look for us in section 130, row U, seats 1 and 2 (not our regular seats where you sat last week). Maybe there will be an open seat in that area, and we can repeatedly say, “We’re talkin’ ’bout practice” every time Allen Iverson whizzes by.

  3. […] Last week’s free Timberwolves tickets that ended up being not-really-tickets in a suite? An email went out to all season ticket holders and the first few people that replied got two free tickets. I responded back in less than ten seconds. Seriously. What the hell else do you think I do all day long while applying for jobs? I check email. It was only later I found out the details on the tickets. So, well, I passed on them. Plus, standing for two to three hours with no more monthly chiropractor visits until I get insurance again doesn’t really sound like a pleasant experience for anyone involved. […]

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