no bassy and no mad dog

bassy.jpgI’m pretty much abusing my Netflix membership right now, since I don’t have much else to do during the day. A couple of days ago, I watched Through the Fire, which is a documentary following the high school basketball career of Sebastian Telfair. It was an ESPN-produced documentary, so of course, I loved it a lot. And I was super jacked up when Suzi let me know she had a couple of ticket to the Timberwolves/Pacers preseason game tonight that were just sitting around doing nothing.

Oh, Sebastian Telfair, why did you ride the bench the whole night? After watching an hour and a half of you, I was super excited to see you plan in person, especially since I had completely awesome seats. (Okay, apparently he re-aggravated his ankle.)
And Mark Madsen, where were you, fella? I was hoping we could meet after the game and talk about blogging. (Oh, right. Injured, too.)

I took some pictures, but mainly just had fun watching how quick the MNBA is compared to the WNBA.  I’m pretty sure Darren Sharper came in for a couple of quarters, but I only knew it was him from the 9 year old that was two rows behind me screaming “DARREN SHARPER!!!!!!!!!1111111one” for a good half a quarter. And also, he just sauntered in, sat down in the front row, and didn’t even ask if it was someone else’s seat. It totally was, so having these for fancy pants business man asking an NFL safety to scooch down a few seats was pretty hilarious.

All in all? A very awesome time. Thanks a bunch, Suzi!!

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  1. Bummer that your guy didn’t play! Oh well, there are plenty of games ahead. It could actually be a looooong season! Glad you had fun anyway.

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