i’m not gonna write you a love song

Found out today that one of my former Work Boys™ had a visit with HR today that resulted in us probably running into each other in the unemployment line sometime in the near future. My former Work Boys™ are this group of dudes that all kind of remind me of an older brother that I never wanted, but just kinda ended up with. They’re all really good guys and when I hear something like this happens, it makes my blood completely boil. This particular Work Boy™ was fired of an absolutely stupid reason that makes things reek of “hey, let’s get rid of people for no reason!”.

It sucks not being employed, it sucks not having my regular paycheck, and it sucks not being around people every day. I have to forcibly make myself do something every day other than sit in front of the computer applying for jobs or in front of the TV watching the Tyra Banks show (I actually haven’t done that yet). I know what depression’s like and know that not having a job could quite possibly send me teetering onto that line once again. But you know what?

I’d rather be laying in the corner in the fetal position, sharing a packet of Ramen noodles with my dog then working for the shit-for-brains operation they have going on at my former employer. I could not have been boosted out of there at a better time. Had I been employed there today, I would have gotten fired over my Work Boy™ getting kicked out the door.

Now, I should probably start password-protecting this type of thing while I’m looking for a new job, because this kind of makes me sound, well, crazy.

And, you know, there’s some other stuff I wanna write about that might not be everyone-in-the-world-appropriate. What’s the bestest way to go about handing out this password? Should I email everyone I like? Should I make all you folks email me for it? I’ve never been all secretive and shit!


  1. People will probably disagree, but I think you should say what you want to say, and let any future employers know how you feel. You only want to work for people who would be as appalled at your last employers shenanigans as you are, right? Letting them see the “real you” will result in a better match.

    Hey, drop me an email if you want my Wolves tickets for tonight (two of ’em). I can’t go, and oddly enough, people aren’t clamoring to get tickets to a preseason KGless Wolves game!

  2. jumi

    you could post on that other site, or nuke the link to twodolla.org from yourrealname.com, or like suzi says be honest, or hold it in until you’re gainfully employed again.

    Looks like you were the first in a massacre that’s going to start over there soon. Douches.

  3. You can still find this site by googling my full name. The whole reason I don’t want to post it on that other site is because this is where everything is – I hate going back and forth between the two when I feel like I have to censor something from the mass public.

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