day 10 of unemployment

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I’m bored. Seriously bored.

Kid Rock got into a fight at a Waffle House and Dumbledore is gay. I don’t know what else could happen to make this weekend anymore awesome in the media’s eyes.

I only put pants on tonight because I had to take Riley outside.

My fantasy football teams pretty much all sucked this week, and I have a chance of winning in only one league at this point. Results to be determined after tomorrow night’s game, of course. I’d picked the Jets and Houston to win this week in the ol’ pick ’em league, and would have pulled off a huge upset if we wouldn’t have counted the last few minutes of each game.

Tomorrow, which is also The Cuz‘s birthday, features lunch with some former co-workers. And I just signed up for NaBloPoMo, which means after October’s done, I’m gonna post every day in November, too. It’s two lucky months in a row for you!

(And, finally? Go Red Sox.)


  1. Jen

    Damn your eyes are gorgeous!

    I met you at the 612 party, and had an awesome time. Well, what I remember was awesome. I am fairly certain I didn’t make an ass of myself and if I did please forgive me.

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