nawlins as a grown up

It’s been two whole months since I’ve been more than two hours away from my ‘hood, and I’m kinda going into withdrawal. I wanna see new things and be around different stuff and all that jazz. I’ve done a lot of it this year, and this slow down until Thanksgiving (or maybe Phoenix next month for work) is driving me nuts. One of my Work Boys™ just got back from New Orleans, and now, he’s really got that on my radar of future vacation spots.

And since I have some free time on my hands, I did some Googling, because that’s what I do. And man, do I have a list of New Orleans Tours that I want to sign up for. They’re absolutely nothing like the first time I visited Louisiana, either.

The first time? 1992 or 93 maybe? My church choir (stop laughing) hopped on a bus and drove from Missouri, down through Arkansas, and spent a couple of nights in nice church-goers’ houses. We toured the French Quarter and the fantastic part of New Orleans on a Saturday night. Let me say that again – the French Quarter on a Saturday night with 100 or so Baptist church choir kids between the ages of 12-18. And one foreign exchange student who thought he could drink beer in New Orleans, since he could drink beer in Germany.

I saw my first prostitute and my first transvestite within a span of about two hours, while be chaperoned by a youth minister, I’m sure. Can you see why I’m dying to go back?

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  1. We had to be talked into a swamp tour, but it ended up being a really good time. I had to skip the tour of the Abita brewery to do it, so I was a little cranky heading in, but I would do it again with no hesitation.

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