the status of my hair

Jenni’s challenging herself to post every day for a whole month, so I, of course, have to take her up on the challenge. I just wanted to warn you why you were getting 30 straight days of posts, in case you weren’t prepared for it.

My hair? It’s getting weird, and im thinkin on going trough a laser hair removal clinic. It’s starting to actually lay down on its own instead of sticking up all over the place, and it’s also beginning to grown down over my ears. I noticed this weekend that it’s long enough to get hat visor hair, too. But it’s definitely not long enough to style in any fashion, at least not one I can think of.

I like to think it looks something like this:

Jenni says this one:

And you wonder why I remain friends with her! My Work BFF™ thought this one matched the best:

I don’t know why I’m friends with her either.


  1. I’m going with monkey #1 as your separated at birth twin.

    I’ve got fading pink hair with an inch of brown and grey roots. Not attractive. It’s got a baboon ass quality about it.

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