tattoos are for lovers

You know how they say it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round and all that jazz? Well, I kinda like how they now make personal ad sites for all those kinds. My latest find and personal favorite for the time being? Well, the one for tattoo lovers, of course!

While I didn’t check the site out as extensively as I would have liked to (hey, I’m at work!), I can only hope that users have the capability to search by tattoo type, location, and quantity.

Turn-ons: Tattoo sleeves, Old English script, memorial pieces, and Sailor Jerry Tattoos.

Turn-offs: portraits of any member of a 1980s hair band on any part of their body, Comic Sans font, and the names of previous partners.

I should probably add on some more tattoos before I get too far into the world of tattoo dating. Good thing I already have an idea for my 3rd and 4th ones, and know where to get a tattoo removed… just in case.

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